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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Blogging by Mail 3


As you can see.... I signed up for the Blogging by Mail cycle

Came up with the bestest,yummiest stuff that we have regularly with any holiday....and that can be sent to werever it has to go.......

To stay a little with the subject;

Here is a recipe I would have made if it would have been real autumny instead of almost-summer

to explain;....it's 20 degrees right here.the sun is shining,not a cloud in the sky.....normally this time of the year it would have been;....raining cats and dogs,leaves falling,and 'bout 10 degrees

to compare;summer is 30 degrees tops,most of the time it hovers between 20 and 25
I hate summer.......(love the tan i get on the end though)i get really extra crispy,burnt so bad that you can peal my skin right off,i just want to be tanned :( NOT lobstertanned though

All i have right now is........ENJOY!

Dutch pea soup (erwtensoep)

2 cups split green peas, 3 qt. cold watter, 1 pig’s trotter, 1 pig’s ear, 1 cup bacon squares, 4 Frankfurters, 1 lb. Potatoes, 4 tbsp. salt, 1 celerac, 1 bunch celery-green, 2 leeks, 2 onions, salt.
Wash the peas, soak for 12 hours (unless you use quick cooking peas) and boil gently in the water. Cook in this liquid the trotter and add the ear and the bacon for one hour. Add the sliced potatoes, salt diced celeriac, cut up leeks and celery leaves and cook untill everything is done and the soup is smooth and thick. Add the Frankfurters for the last 10 minutes. The longer the soup simmers the better the taste. Three hours is the usual time in Holland. The soup gets so thick when it cools that it can be cut the next day. The next day the soup tasts even better. That is why is made in such big quantities.If the soup can't even be stirred the next day add just a bitt water.....but remember you have to be able to keep a spoon right up standing in it....

lovely with ryebread and smoked bacon


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  • At 7:10 PM, Blogger Jess said…

    oh, I love Dutch pea soup. I remember eating the most yummy version one New Year in Amsterdam.


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