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Sunday, December 11, 2005

bbm 3 packages

yippie! my sent package has arrived AND my package came in thursday

a huge box and when i opened it there was a lot of wrapping paper and plastic

every package was tied with a ribbon and the contents WOW

here are some pic's and the explaination

in every package was a little note explaining what en why

the note in this box said;sandra(the sender)left chocolates on the doorstep for father christmas when she was young the blue ones are chocolate from cadbury and my son just adores them he ate 2 of them already the rest is for me ;)

the red ones are cherry coconut bars weird but very tasty,I ate one and so did the little boy we both liked them!

the yellow are chocolates with fluid caramel my son and i split one,I'm addicted already!

the little can (little blurry) are mulling spices (haven't tried them yet,saving it for xmas)

then there was a xmas card

the martha stewart cookie xmas magazine (LOVE IT)

and some interesting caramel chocolates with salt on top.....we tried 3 allready (I ate 2 and my hubbie ate one,he didn't like it,I did)

oh and there was a box with home made citrus-pistacio cookies! yummie(there allready gone)

in here was a note explaining that she got a teatowel and a cookiecutter from her dad every xmas
it was the most lovely copper cutter (we don't have that her) I LOVE IT!!!

then sandra sent xmas pasta in love tree shapes
these are going to be my son's cause he loves weird shapes in his food

and last but certainly not least the prettiest xmas ornament ever,this one is going to go in my son's own tree,we buy 2 or 3 ornaments every year for his own tree

well,as you have read almost the whole package is going to my little boy!and I just think it's very cute that he loves the contents even more then me!

Sandra again thank you so much!

And cathy thanks for hosting!


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